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★Welcome to Labyrinth ―鏡の国―★

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I've done translations of quite some amount of Kalafina songs, some of which are not posted on this LiveJournal. If you use the translations for something, give credit. I think almost all of the following posts include the kanji lyrics too.
So here~ enjoy:

Last updated on October 13th, 2010.

Shall we dance?…Collapse )

Full version is released on March 13.

The Bravery (TV Size Ver.)
Vocals: supercell
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: ryo

”You have courage”
Believing in that single word, you rushed out
The people around him mock him
”After all, he can’t do anything”―
Let them talk

When you get lost, I'll be by your sideCollapse )

Lyrics + translation.

Full version is released on March 6.

Under the Twinkling Stars (TV Size Ver.)
Vocals: Porno Graffitti
Lyrics/Composition: Shindo Haruichi
Arrangement: Tanaka Yusuke, Tatezaki Yusuke, Porno Graffitti

In the wilderness as far as the eye can see, stands a single person
who would also tremble

No one will re-draw this incomplete world for usCollapse )

2013.2.3 - updated to full version~

Finger Telescope
Vocals: Nogizaka46
Lyrics: Akimoto Yasushi
Composition: Kitamuro Ryoma
Arrangement: Kimura Yuki

Let’s take a peek
through a finger telescope…

Imagine the things you're searching forCollapse )

2013.2.2 - updated to full version!

Vocals: SID
Lyrics: Mao
Composition: Mimegumi Aki
Arrangement: SID

I’ve now seized my dreams
If the lead of the loud cheers is struck comfortably
C’mon and jump in

on the other side of the door...Collapse )
In a surprise twist, I actually had some time today to translate two songs. It's been a looooong while since I've actively translated.
This year was busy as hell and still is. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This past year or so the good people at Sunrise/Bandai have remastered the Gundam SEED anime in celebration of its 10th Anniversary, and that has included new arrangements of some of the original theme songs.

"River" by Ishii Tatsuya was the song that was used back in 2002~2003 as Gundam SEED's 2nd ED, and the reason why River isn't being used in this remastered edition is because they couldn't get the rights to use the song again, so I've heard.

Vocals: FictionJunction
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki

Our hearts that met by chance
call each other to a distant reality
Parting the surging waves
I cried the same dream

the song of the invisible stars…Collapse )

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